Saturday, July 11, 2009

have a nice day

This could be one of the best days in my life. One of those balmy winter days Queenslanders love to brag about (but don't get to experience all THAT often). Sun shining, sister Gem is holidaying further along the coast, Seyen is chasing orchids in Singapore and tulips in Amsterdam. I'm batching. Garden slightly neglected. Too much for one person.

Feed the wildlife, run the dog, put on a load of washing, water the orchid igloo, pick some oranges and lemonades. And acres of stuff loading up into the internet. New illustrations. We're helping our Tai Chi instructor Ian Cameron set up his colourful blog pages and a new photographc format. Pooch is lazing in the sun so all's well in doggiedom to boot.

Nought but bad news on television. Uninspiring articles in the dailies. Skip that. Maybe I am hyperventilating. A touch of ADHD no doubt. Illustrating orchids. Uploading till all hours. Night turns into day. And now to collect that washing drying on the Hills hoist.

Just wanted to wish you well and hope your day shines bright.

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