Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sunbird, Dendroium densiflorum

Sunbird, Dendroium densiflorum, originally uploaded by maxful.

Via Flickr:
Tiny nectar eating Sunbirds and cadium coloured Dendrobium orchids share like climates. The Olive-backed Sunbird found in northern parts of Australia is a small nectar-eating member of an enormous and even more colourful family that reaches into South East Asia, the Indian subcontinent and right across Africa. The orchid (Dendrobium densiflorum) universally described as 'one of the Indian Dendrobiums' flourishes in temperate to sub-and-tropical zones worldwide. The idea of illustrating them together began way back in 2010 in stops and starts, when I grew 'Indian' orchids in profusion in the Noosa hinterland. Yesterday, in a rush of hours and well into the evening the subject s finally came together. A sunshine thought to welcome spring.