Friday, July 8, 2011

A new book on living with orchids

Author and artist Max Fulcher is creating his first eBook for early release 2012. It promises to be a visual treat of orchid photography and includes an informative 'how to' on growing orchids PLUS personal favourites from MaX's art gallery of exquisite orchid illustrations

It includes mind maps, travel trips – the whole enchilada! – knowing orchids, lessons learned

Read what writer Gail Heathwood has to say about encounters with 'The Orchid Teacher'.

“Mastering the desktop has given Max Fulcher a new tool or three to paint with, but the hand that guides the brush needs no help to create these evocative tributes to his Australian journeys

There's a curiously kaleidoscopic quality about Max Fulcher. His words tumble forth, expressing thoughts that instantly generate other thoughts and leaving sentences terminally torn. But if, as the listener, mind and ears can keep the pace, suddenly the whirling stops, and the pattern comes into sharp focus. Invariably, the result is worth all your mental and aural gymnastics.”