Sunday, May 8, 2011

El gordo negra (the beautiful black fat lady)

She smiled, beckoning from the shop window. Most fetching. Inexpensive. I succumbed. Once inside, an assistant described the moulded piece as polished cement. Black polished cement. And the lady was called el gordo negra (beautiful black fat lady). The woman made her sales pitch, "Spanish derivation. From Brazil". Brazil? Spanish? Portuguese? Whatever. "Only one sold per district," the clincher. Home went el gordo negra to reside in pride of place beside the Chinese jade. Great contrasts.

A month later an identical moulding turned up as a door stopper at the local butchery. Our 'beautiful black fat lady' moved house immediately to the orchid igloo where she lingered many summers in the company of beautiful blossoms. Hot and steamy like the rain forests of Brazil. In this shot, the beloved el gn accompanies an old Aussie favourite. An orchid named Dendrobium Gatton Sunray. Yellow Oncidium orchids Thai Dancing Ladies tickle her toes.