Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Brisbane Ekka revisited

Big beef and broad brims still the order of the day, To watch the fat cattle parade for prizes you are inclined to think all's right in the world. Great, healthy, hulking beasts trundle past one upon the other as you wonder if there ever was drought. Why does Queensland seem to come out tops when it comes to show/grow food, agriculture, and happy kids. Must be the climate. There is nothing like the Brisbane Exhibition (Ekka) to get the pulses racing. Shonk and sensational side-by-side. Flash-n-trash and everyone in fun. Mind you, this is the last Ekka as we know it. Revamp for next year. I worry that bureaucrats and the electronic age will meet mid stream and bugger the works. The flowers were screwed up. And Dagwood Dogs had thin runny tomato sauce. Chips were ok though. Hmmmmm.

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