Tuesday, December 14, 2010

writers burning issue

Today's burning issue for writers and most other creative folk is to build visible 'platforms' to out their talent - thus creating auras of success. No more waiting in the wings in Schwab's Hollywood Drug Store. We are now expected to front a raft of seminars, consult with gurus, and curry our way into inner sanctums of editors, publishers, and publicists. 
Where do we find the time to write? What happened to the Aquarian dawning? And where did Andy Warhol's fifteen minute throwaway line get us? Not far. Like most media grabs it was - is - feel-good stuff and nonsense, falling far from the mark. 
Love something I say, and go write about it. Screw the rest. The past is ever ready to cosy-up the future, but the trick is to focus forward in the present. Be aware. No befores. No afters. Actions, not words. Light the bonfires and on to the pyre go heaps of faded magazine stories and loads of old tear sheets. Travel light! Observe use-by dates.

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