Monday, October 21, 2013

maxful's photostream

What's in a name?Small blessingsOrangutanIndian orchid, Australian hoyaDendrobium pierariiSunbird, Dendroium densiflorum
Bronzewings, Sky Blue Sun OrchidsYellow-nobileDen. Golden Blossom (24) x Den. Hambuhren Gold 'Eve'Red Wattlebird, pink eucalyptSmall blessingYellow nobile
Dendrobium-nobileBuddha and artworksFigbird reworkedSummer in WinterSpotted Pardalote with Zygopetalum orchidsMoon orchid
Quan-Yin-and-Moon-orchids-Gem Fulcher 1937 - 2013PaellaVanda-in-pinkRed CymbidiumWicked bird

catchup on the orchid front

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