Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Bees Knees orchids

Encyclia alata is and orchid classic being so named for 180 years. Because the yellow/brown flower heads form clusters resembling swarming bees local gardeners refer to it as the bees knees. Whatever. With such a pungent perfume it's a popular call bird. Lemony, but I sense honey in there somewhere. However, the Little Yellow Thornbill is not here for nectar as much as the tiny insects gardens grow. Slightly in more shade a Hoya cumingiana will likely supply some bird breakfasts as well.


  1. Wow!!
    Your artwork is really brilliant and full of life.
    I had never seen anything so colourful and bright as these..
    Really Beautiful.

    1. ThankX James. Always pleased to hear from Malaysia. Fond memories of my visits to Selangor Pewter factory many years ago. And orchid trips out to the East Coast, Kuantan to Koto Bharu. Happy days. MaX