Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Quan Yin and purple orchids

Swathed in enchanting Vanda orchids, Quan Yin showers very real blessings along Brisbane's river front. Except the orchids are unreal. They're cleverly crafted by Nong, a talented Thai girl who travels weekends from the Gold Coast to display her wares at South Bank Lifestyle Markets beside the Brisbane river. As real as nature but intricately fashioned in fine white clay, each hand made leaf and petal is delicately painted and styled into authentic looking flowers that stopped me in my tracks. I swore never to accept artificial flowers, but never say never. These artworks share pride of place with Quan Yin.


  1. Namaste MaX~ As a humble and passionate devotee of Quan Yin and lovely flowers...I just wanted to share my excitement and joy with you regarding your beautiful photo. Thank you so much for sharing your wild creative energy with all of us and for making the world all the more colorful and sweeter. :o)

    Peace & Bodhisattva Blessings to you~ Naomi

  2. Naomi – How lovely to receive your message. And thank you for the comments. Wild creative energy? I'm not sure, but it does keep me up nights drawing on nature. MaX